Bed-Stuy Works Alliance

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In 2010, it became clear that block and resident associations could not work in isolation, but needed to join together on issues that affected the community as a whole. Bridge Street Development Corporation and Central Brooklyn’s Youth Education and Safety (YES) Taskforce partnered to form the Bed-Stuy Works Alliance, which allows its more than 70-member associations to share information about issues and collaborate on community-wide events and programs. Given the rapid and ongoing changes in Bedford-Stuyvesant, this coalition provides community leaders and residents a single, strong voice with which to speak to elected officials, private developers, and city agencies about issues of concern. The Bed-Stuy Works Alliance strengthens and galvanizes block and resident associations for the purpose of establishing a unified voice that:

  • Identifies issues that impact tenants and homeowners.
  • Provides a forum for common concerns.
  • Generates ideas that contribute to the ongoing revitalization of Bedford-Stuyvesant.
  • advocates for improvements/change in a cohesive and proactive manner.
  • Strengthens the existing civic initiatives such as the Community Board and the 79th and 81st Precinct Councils.
  • Improves police-community relations in order to maximize safety services throughout the neighborhood.