Joshua Court – 300 Putnam Avenue

2009 – Total Development Cost: $11.1 million

When BSDC took over 300 Putnam in September of 2006, the residents had had no heat, hot water or cooking gas for an entire year. The elevator and trash incinerator did not work. The building was a major source of crime, blight, and low quality of life for homeowners on the block. Building residents and their neighbors often felt anxious, distressed and voiceless. Today, Joshua Court has emerged proudly like a phoenix rising from the ashes — as the first multifamily building in Bedford-Stuyvesant to have rooftop solar panels.

Joshua Court came to us through a federal housing initiative. BSDC rehabilitated all 52 units, replaced the kitchens and bathrooms, installed a new elevator and trash compactor, upgraded the electrical and lighting systems, and improved security with cameras and a security guard. The building incorporates some energy efficiency systems, such as a new gas-powered hot water heating system and a solar thermal pre-heating system, which is estimated to save $12,000 annually. About half of the original tenants were able to return to the building after the rehab. The building has been completely turned around, becoming an asset to the neighborhood and preserving housing for 52 low-to-moderate income families.

Funding sources include NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development, Low Income Housing Tax Credits syndicated through LISC/NED, Community Preservation Corporation, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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The opening of Joshua Court