Cooking Club

Savvy Senior Cooking Club Dec 2013At Quincy Senior Residences, residents and seniors from the surrounding community are getting together to prepare food, share laughs, and learn about important nutrition-related health issues facing older adults. The Savvy Senior Cooking Club, which began in 2013, is run by Chef “CJ” Matthew, a highly-regarded local chef and community volunteer.

Having fun and socializing are the major objectives of the club, and equally important for the emotional and intellectual health of many seniors, who can often struggle with social isolation. The group discusses memories of different cultural foods and a friendly, open atmosphere is encouraged in each class. Members have particularly enjoyed healthy versions of traditional southern foods, low-sodium sweet potato latkes, sorrel drink (a Caribbean beverage), and antioxidant-rich three-bean chili.

Many residents have noted that the best part of the Club, aside from the delicious food, is the lifestyle change that occurs as a result. Said Pamela Gregory, “I like this because I’m learning to cook healthier and, therefore, live better.” Said participant and Quincy resident, Constantine Jones, “I really enjoy the people in here. I really hope they continue it.” And they will. Check the events page for more information on meetings of the Cooking Club.