Preparing for your first counseling session

You must bring the following items to your first counseling session or clinic:

  • Loan Papers: In order for the Foreclosure Prevention Counselor to create an action plan to assist you, the counselor must have access to all your loan documentation.
  • Pay Stubs: The last two months of pay stubs are needed in order to create a budget based on your income.
  • Bank Statements: Two months bank statements are also needed for verification of income and review of monthly expenses.
  • Rental Income Documentation: If you have a multi-family home, with paying tenants we will need documentation of your rental income such as, rental leases or copies of rent receipts given to tenants each month. We recommend that all rental income be deposited in your bank account immediately upon receipt with the deposit highlighted on your bank statements.
  • Monthly Mortgage Statements: The last two months of statements you received from your lender.
  • Supporting Documents: Any paperwork you received from your lender.
  • Hardship Letter: In order to write a comprehensive hardship letter, the homeowner must submit reasons and explanations to why they have not been able to pay their mortgage, actions the homeowner has taken to reduce expenses and increase income, and reasons why the homeowner believes this proposal will be successful.

Bringing the documents listed above to your first counseling session will allow the counselor to fully explain the variety of options available to you as the homeowner. Not having this documentation during the initial counseling session will delay the process of reaching a solution.