Get involved with your community board

Anyone can attend a Community Board meeting!

Community Boards are local representative bodies that deal with land use and zoning issues, assess the needs of their own neighborhoods, make recommendations in the City’s budget process, and address other community concerns. Board meetings occur once a month and are open to the public. At these meetings, members address items of concern to the community and hear from attendees. Boards regularly conduct additional public hearings – on the City’s budget, land use matters, etc. – to give community members the opportunity to express their opinions and concerns.

There are 59 Community Boards throughout New York City. Each Community Board is led by a District Manager who establishes an office, hires staff, and implements procedures to improve the delivery of City services to the district. While the main responsibility of the board office is to receive complaints from community residents, they also maintain other duties, such as processing permits for block parties and street fairs. Many boards choose to provide additional services and manage special projects that cater to specific community needs, including organizing tenants associations, coordinating neighborhood cleanup programs, and more.

Community Board 3 – meets First Monday, 7:00pm
Community Board 8 – meets Second Thursday, 7:00pm
Community Board 18 – (718) 241-0422 – meets Third Wednesday, 8:00pm

Don’t know your local community board? Find it here.