Our Story


Founded in 1995, Bridge Street Development Corporation (“Bridge Street”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide civic and economic opportunities to the residents and small businesses of Central Brooklyn, with an emphasis on low-to-moderate income individuals and families. Over the years, Bridge Street has continuously worked to improve the quality of life in Bedford-Stuyvesant and several adjacent communities in Central Brooklyn. We are widely regarded as a trusted provider of youth development, employment, affordable housing and older adult services, as well as a capable organizer of community engagement and economic development activities.

The central vision is to preserve Bed-Stuy and other neighborhoods of Central and Eastern Brooklyn as desirable places for raising families, owning businesses and taking part in the plentiful cultural, spiritual and recreational opportunities the area has to offer.

Our motto, “Building on Community Strength,” describes our core belief that the most effective way to improve a community is to develop and promote local assets, including people, homes, businesses, and organizations.

Our work encompasses seven distinct yet interrelated areas:

Economic Development & Financial Empowerment; Youth Development/Workforce Development; Senior Services; Affordable Housing/Real Estate Development; Community Engagement, Organizing & Advocacy (including migrant and asylum seeker services); Restorative Justice; and, Strategic Partnerships.