Technical Assistance to Block and Tenant Associations

If you are looking for assistance to mobilize your block or building, Bridge Street Development Corporation helps residents form and strengthen tenant and block associations so they are empowered to improve the quality of life in their neighborhood through direct action. Through neighborhood-wide coalitions, such as the Bed-Stuy Works Alliance, a coalition of more than 70 block and tenant associations, community leaders and residents get an opportunity to discuss, collaborate, and address community issues in Central Brooklyn. Bridge Street Development Corporation organizes and provides workshops to block and tenant associations in Central Brooklyn’s Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood. Some of the workshops we offer are: “How to Start and Revitalize Your Resident Association,” “The Basics of A 501-c3,” “Know Your Rights-Tenants Edition,” and “Recycling and Sustaining Neighborhoods.”
More info: Bed-Stuy Works Alliance