Feast Bed-Stuy: Malcom X Boulevard Edition


Clarence Cleaves, BSDC Homeownership Counselor with Feast Bed-Stuy volunteers and guests

The Feast Bed-Stuy–Malcom X Blvd food and beverage tour held on April 5, 2016 was a foodie’s delight, with menu options ranging from French and Italian cuisine to Southern sweets and Polish fare. Nearly 100 people enjoyed themselves at the participating venues that included L’Antagoniste, Casablanca Cocktail Lounge, Daddy Green’s Pizza, Doc D’s, Khemistry Bar, Natural Blend Juice Bar & Bakery and Zabka Café.  Music was provided by Love the Barber and an end-of-night party presented by Casablanca.


Great Times at Daddy Green’s Pizza


Green Daddy's Pizza_website

Green Daddy’s Pizza

L'Antagoniste (2)_website


Natural Blend_website

Natural Blend

Don’t miss our next Feast Bed-Stuy on Bedford Avenue on June 21, 2016!