MY BASE Youth Civic Engagement program

MY BASE (Motivated Youth Believing in All Self Empowerment), powered by Bridge Street Development Corporation and the Bedford-Stuyvesant Youth Education & Safety (YES) Task Force is a “youth civic engagement” and internship program for in-school and out of school young people from of 14 -21 years old who are interested in public service, service learning, leadership development and/or community activism. Participants of the MY BASE have the opportunity to work on multiple projects and events that address the needs and concerns of young people in central Brooklyn. Projects have included – Summer Camp and Parent Resource Fair; Young Adult Internship, Job and College Readiness Fair and Youth Summit. As part of the program, participants research, develop and present policy recommendations that address issues such as Political Action/Leadership, Drug Free/ Alcohol Awareness, Youth Unemployment, Safe Space/Safe Neighborhoods, among others, to local community leaders. Those young people who successfully complete the program will receive a summer internship working with local nonprofit organizations or government agencies that match their career aspirations and interest in public/community service.

Youth civic engagement is defined as “individual and collective actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern”. It is about decision making or governance over who, how, and by whom a community’s resource will be allocated; consideration for youth voice.” Civic engagement includes serve while learning in educational settings as well as volunteerism, activism, advocacy, political participation and more. For participants of the Youth Advisory Council, youth civic engagement is the core of our mission. Participants prepare to be the current and future leaders of central Brooklyn and serve as a representative (or voice) of youth in the community.

If you would like to apply to be a part of MY BASE, please download the MY BASE application.