New York Foundation Grant Awarded for Community Engagement Work

Bridge Street Development Corporation (BSDC) is proud to announce that it Flower Bed-Stuy 2013 - 110was recently selected by the New York Foundation to receive a grant in the amount of $40,000. The grant will support BSDC’s Community Engagement work with block and tenant associations in Bedford-Stuyvesant and central Brooklyn. BSDC currently works with over 60 associations in Bedford-Stuyvesant and 13 associations in Canarsie through two alliances, Bed-Stuy Works and Canarsie Strong, and has helped mobilize community members on issues including block safety, street clean-up and beautification, and community hospital closures. BSDC currently offers resources on its website for individuals interested in starting up a block or resident association for their neighbors. For technical assistance, emerging or established associations can submit a service request form and they will be contacted by one of BSDC’s Community Engagement staff.