“Building On Faith”

2012-04-29@01-06-30We have worked with faith leaders in Brooklyn and across New York City to develop affordable housing, help navigate the development of church property, and address community concerns. BSDC recognizes the pivotal role faith leaders play in community development and we greatly value our collaboration with faith leaders because of their role as powerful influencers to help strengthen a community and its residents.

Our faith-based initiative, called “Building On Faith”, was created in response to requests from faith leaders seeking support in building their capacity to address institutional and community challenges. Building on Faith has two main components: Real Estate Advisory Services and Leadership Training. To download a brochure about Building On Faith, please CLICK HERE.

BSDC draws on two decades of real estate development and ownership experience to provide co-development and consulting services to the faith community. We help institutions and their leaders work through a myriad of challenges, such as upgrading older buildings, selling or developing church-owned property, and determining the feasibility of potential residential or commercial real estate projects.

Through the guidance of a steering committee comprised of faith leaders, BSDC hosts leadership training and educational workshops geared to the faith leadership community.

To request services under this initiative, please download the faith based service request form (doc format) or  faith based initiative service request form (pdf format) and return via email to Oma Holloway at oholloway@bsdcorp.org or by fax at 718-636-7595. For any additional questions, please call 718-636-7596 ext. 218