_JLD6853Throughout the year, dozens of programs and workshops that promote wellness are offered at Quincy. Some of the most popular have included:

AARP Defensive Driving Courses
AARP teaches valuable defensive driving techniques and provide refresher courses on the rules of the road. As a host site, Quincy Senior Residence has the opportunity to promote safe driving, and thereby help older drivers maintain their independence and mobility in their respective communities.

The Savvy Senior Financial Management Series
This workshop is a three-day educational series for seniors to learn about money management, online banking, and financial fraud and how to avoid it. Those attending must be present at all three sessions and will receive a certificate upon completion.

Alert and Alive and Partner to Partner
Alert and Alive is a continuous discussion group led by senior trained volunteers. Members of the group share their beliefs, attitudes, and concerns about in aging in a warm atmosphere. The main goal of the group is to provide encouragement and support as life issues arise in the lives of seniors.

Keep Track: Blood Pressure Monitoring
Adhering to special protocol developed in association with the Department of Health, the volunteers record and follow up with anyone whose blood pressure is high.

Line Dancing with Ms. Roselle
Line dancing provides a safe and inviting place where seniors come to have fun by utilizing dance as a form of exercise and entertainment. This class is facilitated by Roselle Heyward, an instructor from the Bedford Avenue YMCA.

Beat the Sun’s Deadly Rays
This workshop invites seniors to learn how to stay safe and healthy in the summer heat. Staying healthy becomes manageable when seniors use the information provided in this class.

Have a Good Night’s Sleep
The objective of this workshop is to help seniors understand the stages/phases of sleep, learn about the benefits of sleep, and how to prepare for changes that come along with aging. It also teaches seniors how to determine when they need professional help.

Know your Medication
This workshop discusses the importance of keeping track of all medications including over-the-counter medications. It encourages seniors to verbalize their knowledge about possible drug interactions, increase their knowledge of over-the-counter medications and help them understand the importance of maintaining a healthy medicine cabinet.

Vitamins and Minerals
The objective of this workshop is for seniors to obtain knowledge of major vitamins and mineral supplements and to help them understand the importance of only taking them with a doctor’s recommendation.

Women’s Health Matters
This workshop focused on women’s health issues. In the workshop, the facilitators discuss what it means to be a healthy woman who is prepared and responsible for her health.

The Glaucoma workshop teaches participants about the eye disease, which can damage the optic nerve. The workshop provides information on the symptoms of glaucoma, how it is diagnosed, and how it can be treated and prevented.

Time to get your Flu Shot
Annual flu shots are provided at no cost to seniors residing in Quincy and the Community. The shots are provided on-site. Registration is encouraged, but walk-ins are accepted depending on availability of vaccines.

What’s on Your Plate
This is a five-week program where participants are encouraged to explore what they eat and making healthier choices when selecting, purchasing, and preparing food.

Savvy Senior Expo
The Savvy Senior Expo invites seniors throughout the Brooklyn community to come for information and resources that are beneficial to them. Senior-friendly organizations share information as well as free workshops, health screenings, entertainment, and refreshments. The Senior Expo typically has over 150 seniors and representatives of senior-friendly non-profit, commercial, and government organizations present. Read more here.

Summer Book Club
The book club engages readers on aging its effects. Participants are invited to share their life stories and draw connections between the books and their personal experiences. In the past, we’ve read “Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now” by Maya Angelou. As the book was read, the readers shared their wisdom and the remarkable stories of their lives.

Find out about upcoming wellness workshops offered at Quincy Senior Residences by visiting our events page.