Living at Quincy

_JLD6820“Quincy is a place where you feel at home. We’re not family, but we are family,” says Violeta Forbes, who has lived at Quincy Senior Residences since it opened in 2006. “It’s a place where we help each other, take care of each other. And it’s such a beautiful place—the garden, the security—you feel so good, so good.”

Many of Quincy’s current residents previously lived in substandard apartments and were forced to make choices between rent, food, or medication. Others were simply ready to down-size. Very few had discretionary income for extra-curricular activities. Living at Quincy has drastically improved the overall quality of their lives. Before moving to Quincy, Violeta Forbes lived in substandard housing for five years. “I couldn’t sleep at night. I felt like my life was in danger, all the time,” she recalls. But at Quincy, she says, “It’s a wonderful thing when you can sleep at night without wondering and worrying.”

To provide the privacy and independence seniors want, Quincy residents have a one-bedroom apartment with bath at an affordable rent. To offer them the support they need, Quincy provides a wide range of services on site and coordinates external providers’ services, such as Medicare, Meals-on-Wheels, Social Security, home health aides, direct deposit, and more.

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For more information, please call Quincy Senior Residences at (718) 443-5989.