Block & Resident Associations

We are committed to helping communities improve their neighborhoods. One of the ways we do this is by supporting the creation and development of Block & Resident Associations.

Block & Resident Associations are defined as an association of residents of a particular area who work together to maintain a safe and attractive neighborhood.

Block & Resident Associations help communities come together at the most local level to discuss issues, improve safety, organize events like block parties, and generally make their block or building a better place to live. Block & Resident Association leaders often attend community board meetings and precinct community council meetings, bringing the issues of the group to a wider audience and forming relationships with local officials. Associations are also encouraged to join local alliances so that their voices can be made even stronger. Bed-Stuy Works and Canarsie Strong are two such alliances that help bring local concerns to the borough and city levels.

The first step in creating a Block or Resident Association is to bring your neighbors together. Learn more about forming a Block or Resident Association here or contact us by submitting a Service Request Form.